Partners & Foundation

FIMAK Netherlands

Foundation International Multimedia Academy Kenya, supports the academy on all possible fronts, by fundraising, providing teaching materials and equipement, alongside guidance and support from dutch media professionals. Visit the dutch fimak site or email us.

Partnerships in Uganda and Tanzania

Our crew here in Nairobi has made a good network of companies and professionals, not only here in Kenya but also in Uganda and in Tanzania.

Miss Ramah Mutesi, SR board in Uganda

In Uganda we have teamed up with Miss Ramah Mutesi who is also on the SR board here and who will connect us and our Academy to Uganda and Western Kenya in general. She is already working
on a programme to see possibilities of future Girl Child Training projects in that area.

Mr. Ngahyoma, the Director of school in Tanzania

In Tanzania, we have come to an agreement of working together with Mr. Ngalimecha Ngahyoma who is also on the Safe-Road board here. Mr. Ngahyoma is the Director of school. We agreed to work together as partners and train the youth as well as share training
experience, trainers and technical knowledge and equipment for the benefit of the youth in the people of the East African Region.


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