In the above courses, you learn all the basics of film and TV production, including pre-production, production and post production, scripting for TV from using a small DV travel CAM-JO camera, then you come to ENG, EFP, OBV and studio camera productions. With this you will have covered all aspects and elements of TV and Film production Including, lighting, composition, production, audio recording.

Duration: 12/24/48/72 weeks / 3 to18 months
Course Structure:

  • TV-Cam-Jo
  • TV-Field ENG
  • TV-Field EFP
  • TV OBV
  • TV-Studio


Once you complete his course you can worl for a TV station, film company or work as a TV freelance and work for studios and anther film production related companies. You will be able to operate, Small Cameras, Electronic News Gathering (or Field Cameras), EFP-Field Cameras and OB (outside Broadcasting and Studio Cameras. This gives you the widest range in camera operations.