TV-film director

In this course the student will learn about the basic lighting techniques, using filters, they will learn about the different lighting instruments, the lighting ratios if filming, special lighting for deferent situations, like lighting for news, studio, theatre etc., as well as using the optimum way of using natural lighting.


Duration: 12/24/48/72 weeks / 3 to18 months
Course Structure: Lighting Studio
Lighting Cam-Jo
Lighting Field-EFP


Once you do and finish this course in lighting, you will be able to work as a lighting operator or technician for the most basic the TV-Cam-Jo, the professional TV-Field ENG crew, the professional TV-Field EFP crew, the professional TV OBV crew and you will also be able to work ii the TV-Studio as well. This will give you the best chances of doing professional TV and film lighting and there are lots of jobs in this \field. TV and or Film without lighting, it does not exist.

With is course you will also be able to work for both local and international news and events and or sports crews locally and beyond our borders