In this course students learn all basic fundamentals of sound including many types of the most commonly used microphones and how they are applies in the various field TV and field production including Cam-Jo, ENG, EFP, OBV and Studio.

The student also takes another small Parallel courses in sound that deals with PA systems and Studio sound audio recordings

Duration: 12/24/48/72 weeks / 3 to18 months
Course Structure:

  • Sound Studio
  • TV-Cam-Jo
  • TV-Field ENG
  • TV-Field EFP
  • TV OBV
  • TV-Studio


Once you do and finish this course, you will be able to work as a sound operator for the most basic the TV-Cam-Jo, the professional TV-Field ENG, the professional TV-Field EFP the professional TV OBV ant be able to work ii the TV-Studio as well. This will give you the best chances of doing professional TV sound and there are lots of jobs in this field.

You will also be able to work for both local and international news and events and or sports crews.