Welcome to the International Multi media Academy. We are situated just outside the city of Nairobi, off Ngong Road. Our neighbours are Film Studios, Blue Skies Films and Kenya Grip.

We are one of the fastest growing media school in the region and planning to be a top model and one of the leading and most professional provider of radio and television, film multimedia and related courses.

Our focus and main objective is not only to help potential students the film, achieve professional training within radio and TV industry, also but to train the youth in other general I vocational related fields so as to give them hope and a career for a better future.

We train new comers in the media and especially giving a bigger chance to girl dropouts and specifically those from

the slums, young mothers and \those from poor families, to have a career in the multimedia, film, entertainment and or other vocational courses and in general, mould them professionally to have a better future.

Our goal is to have better trained media people who will not only work for corporate companies and/or media companies, but also train those from other public/private and government bodies, so as to serve their respective organisations and the public at large, professionally.

At the moment we offer a 3 day per week, fulltime all round multimedia and or journalism course in print, media, TV Production, Graphics, Video Editing, etc, which has more 150 modules to cover the above.

As we grow, we plan to have weekend and evening classes and or courses for those who can not make it during the week-day(s). These courses will include: Print media, TV Production, Graphics, Video Editing, Radio presentation, Acting for TV, Radio Production, Photography, TV Presentation, Sports Presentation, News Reading, Voice Over Training, GTA, OPL. and Production Manager to mention but a few.

With all the above courses to choose from, surely you and or most students will be able and can match mix and find a suitable time and course(s) that will suit your or their needs.

All course are given to our students from the most professional point of view and or angle and from the professionals that teach at this institution. You will starts from the basics in both theory and practically and you will be guided to be on top of the game and to be in control.

Our school is situated in a friendly and green environment a little bit away from the busy city, situated near a natural forest, with lots of birds, trees and a variety of monkeys. It is peaceful place here and you will meet new people and friends. This kind of cool atmosphere will add to your creative ability to perform better as you team up with other students to create and bring the best out of you.

Our students are the future leaders of this industry, who will lead in this film, TV & Multimedia industry in general, creating and producing local programmes, corporate videos commercials and films not only for Kenya, but for this region as a whole.

Our school offers the most unrivalled vocational and the most professional experience that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most eager and demanding of any student. who is looking forward to a professional,challenging and successful career. Whether you want to be trained for/as a simple Camjo (for consumer/ use) or an operator to a big professional studio or outside broad-casting professional cameras, you will achieve it.

Most of our staff members are men and women with a passion for this industry and in teaching. Most of them are freelancers who come with many years of experience within East Africa, Africa and Overseas. These are professionals who are still actively busy and practicing in the industry.

Most of our courses require students who will have completed their senior four (S 4) or high School and holding a C grade. However, we do have many other media courses that do not require you to have the above grades and eventually with studies, more training and experience, you can make it up to the top.

Some of our individual professional courses range from 25K to 95K depending on the type of course(s)its requirements, the duration it takes and the kind of certificate you want to achieve or that is/may be required by the respective employer(s), sponsors and or individual.

We welcome Regional and International students to our school. Accommodation can be arranged for those from out of Nairobi. We can help with accommodation after you have paid for your tuition for minimum 2 semesters. If you need accommodation you need to apply & plan well in advance.

You can soon enrol online. For now print/copy registration form from the site, fill it in and e-mail it To us or send it by normal mail (see Contact address)& your registration will be taken care of.

In case you are planning to join our school in the near future, DONT WAIT FOR TOMORROW, DO IT NOW. You can e-mail the admission department via [email protected] and with a non-refundable registration deposit to the school account. Once this is done, you can then make a full semester tuition 5 weeks before commencement of the course.

In case of a refund, the claim for the above tuition fees should arrive in written hard comply to the registrar

(admission departments 2 weeks or fourteen days) before the course starts.

Thereafter until the first week of when the \course will have started, you will receive 75% of total paid excluding bank other charges. Any refund request that comes in afterfirst when the course has started will not be honoured by the school.

Our plan is to professionally train our students, help them to plan as well as create opportunities for then in self employment sector and in the media as a whole. Students are encouraged to start/create and come up with projects during their training including various internships. These will add on to their credits. In addition to this, we give advice on the various opportunities available including carrier advices and jobs.

The International Multi media Academy is situated just outside the City of Nairobi, of Ngong Road,Near the Film studios, on Vivian Collins Avenue within Nairobi International Show-Ground.

For more information, please contact us.