Welcome to the International Multi media Academy. We are situated just outside the city of Nairobi, off Ngong Road. Our neighbours are Film Studios, Blue Skies Films and Kenya Grip.

We are a growing media school in the region and planning to be a top model and one of the leading and most professional provider of radio and television, film multimedia and related courses.

Our focus and main objective is not only to help potential students the film, achieve professional training within radio and TV industry, also but to train the youth in other general I vocational related fields so as to give them hope and a career for a better future. 

We train new comers in the media and especially giving a bigger chance to girl dropouts and specifically those from the slums, young mothers and \those from poor families, to have a career in the multimedia, film, entertainment and or other vocational courses and in general, mould them professionally to have a better future.

Our goal is to have better trained media people who will not only work for corporate companies and/or media companies, but also train those from other public/private and government bodies, so as to serve their respective organisations and the public at large, professionally.

For more information, please contact us.

As per 2021 the Multimedia Academy is moved to a new location in the Busia province, Kenya.

TV – Film – Media academy Nairobi / Busia