The International Multimedia Academy started from a small humble vocational training centre (thanks to our supporters locally and internationally), who have continually supported us right from when we started. To-day we are growing to be one of the top professional and well equipped multi-media school in not only in Nairobi, Kenya but in the East African region a whole.

It was born from an organisation in Kenya called Safe-Roads, which was started by Isaac Mwamto Henry Miya Mabwa and Mabwa Otinga, This was way back in 1993. But although the organisation was registered, It did not take off due to much grey areas, luck of funds, equipment and many logistical things. The main objective of this organisation was to educate and help them with this stigma of thinking that because you are born in or from a poor family, it is automatic that you will remain poor all your life.

A few years later, all the above people moved and went overseas for various reasons and the organisation went into a kind of coma until further notice.

In 2005, another organisation of the same called Safe-roads Euro Afrique development was started in Holland by Mieke Merxs, Waldemar de Vries and Mabwa Otinga, with the same purpose of Helping, educating and developing the African youth starting from Nairobi.

Later, Mabwa came back to Kenya where he works as one of the projects leaders and joined other colleagues and re-started the organization that went into a coma, as well as kick-start the objectives of the same organisation, which included starting a vocational youth training centre among other things. It was very hard or shall we say difficult to re-start the same, but with the full support of the colleagues, friend & supporters from Holland/Kenya and the region as a whole, Safe Roads was re-started and from it the Multimedia Academy also came along.

It is therefore from Safe-Roads, that the International Multimedia and Vocational training Centre was born. So the mother of The International Multimedia Academy and Vocational training Centre is Safe-Roads.

Our major concentration is in electronic mass and print media giving courses in graphics, print, radio, TV, film and other related courses.

At the moment we have a mixture of students from
various parts of Kenya, some starting their second year,
and some in their first year. Our students are of all ages,
different cultures and back ground, which gives the
school a special feel and adds to the students great

Our staff is made up of freelancers, men and women professionals and practitioners with many years of experience both locally, regionally and internationally in the fields of Graphic design, photo graphic, advertising, Broadcasting, retailing and TV multi media industries.

Our academy is a single minded academy concentrating on youth training via various disciplines including media studies, theatre and hopefully in future we will train in many deferent vocational trainings. In the media studies, our supporters, student and colleagues share the passion for communication, creating ideas and disabusing of images and products.

As well as being proud of who we are, we are also proud of our Nairobi environment base and head quarters, which gives us a superb, quiet and natural filming atmosphere for our training.

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TV – Film – Media academy Nairobi / Busia