Lilian Atieno

Lilian Atieno
P.O BOX 8361-00100

My name is Lilian, and I am a Kenyan Citizen aged 22 years old and I live in Kibera with my
family. I came to know this school by a neighbour who told me about it while he was in the 1st
semester. I live near the school. So I came by myself to find out more information and how I can
start. it has been always my dream to be a journalist.

The school has the equipment and we are being taught how to use some of them. It is inside The
Nairobi show ground, which is near my place and I usually manage to walk to the Academy and
cover my lessons.

I am now a student at this International Multimedia Academy where am learning to be a TV
Journalist or TV Presenter in future. I have achieved a lot because when I come I didn’t know
many things concerning TV journalism and TV production. But at least for now I can explain
some of the things, which I have been taught.

I have some personal weaknesses and difficulties in learning, but I know that with time I will
work them out and I am planning to know more in future. I am in good terms with my fellow
students and sometime we exchange knowledge and do some group discussion while the tea-
cher’s not around.

The teacher he is not that bad. I like the atmosphere of our school because you can not get
bored. It is cool and good for learning because of the weather and the climate. It is quite and
not like in tow with a lot if noise from cars etc.

I know in future I will be great because I will have know everything concerning production,
the media industry and I will achieve my goals and in my dream of wanting to become a


Thank you
Yours Sincerely

Lilian Atieno