Orientation & Training Workshop with a 4K RED Highend professional camera


On May the 25th we started and with a lot of challenges, but now we look back and we are al- most 10 weeks into the training.

We finally took off with our new media training, in which we hope to get among others, new students and potential people interested not only to learn this TV media, but people and the majority that would also become and be part of our future media team.



April was a slow month. We just completed several interviews of our new students. Thes intervies were conducted by Miriam, Dan and Mabwa. The interviews where challeging because ther where not the normal interview that we are used to. This was a combination of people interested

to become media personesll combines with people who are and or have knowledge of agriculture and are interested to work hand in hand with media students.

Some of the potential students that we expect to join us this year will include, Willbroad, Fatuma, Nyamizi, Lulu, Razaro, Kevin, Deo, Brian.