Jane Adhiambo

Jane Adhiambo
P.O BOX 52320-00200

My name is Jane Adhiambo aged 22, I reside in Kibera, I am the second born in a family of four. I am a first year student at International Multimedia Academy pursuing a diploma in Journalism and mass communication.

I joined the International Multimedia Academy in mid September last year in an effort to make my dreams a reality. I heard about this institution from my friend and decided to try it. During the short period I have been at the institution, I have been able to fully understand some aspects in the media. I have now come to appreciate it and I have changed my attitudes regarding different perspective in life. One of my achievements that I have so far gained is a better perfection in reading, public speaking and personal expression. The training is not that easy if one has some weakness, but I have received help and training and I am trying to overcome mine. The theory part of training had some technical terms also prove very challenging but I am sure I will grasp all of it as time goes by.

Although I experience some difficulties due to the fact that is my house is far away from the school and I have to walk a great distance to reach here I am determined because there is a lot of things I am about to learn in both theory and practical work, cooperation in the future.

Our class has been very successful as most of my fellow classmates share the same dreams and aspiration, we are able to assist each other and consult with the teacher lots of times. Our lecturer is very handful in making the best out of us. Although he can be pretty tough sometimes, we all understand him and appreciate his professional approach and resources towards our success.

The location of training is a good place with a conducive atmosphere as there era no major interruptions from people’s noises or cars. A part from working in class with my fellow students and my lecturer, I also do a lot of research regarding the media in an effort to equip myself professionally.

My future prospect is to one day become a successful writer and TV Journalist. To achieve this goal, I read a lot of books and am even composing my own short stories during my free time. This training will take three years and I am already almost finishing my first year, so it is not that long before I complete it.

I am hoping that with the help of the school and my lecturer and class gained knowledge, I will be able to become what I want to be. A successful writer and TV Journalist.

Jane Adhimbo