Owino Daniel

Owino Daniel
P.O BOX 52320-00200
Nairobi, Kenya

My name is Daniel, a male Kenyan citizen aged 22 years old. I live at Ngong in Kajiado District. I was born in a family if six members including my parents, however, I stay with my cousin who’s my guardian.

I was introduced to Multimedia Academy by my cousin. Later l personally applied through their website. The school is located at Nairobi International Show Ground on Vivian Collins Avenue. It has a beautiful and a good conducive learning environment.

I am a first year student , studying a diploma in Journalism specializing in TV production, Editing, Sound and Lighting. Since I joined the school, I have learnt a lot. I have learnt the basics in TV, Film, radio, production in general. I have learnt about video quality color, lighting, Audio (sound) and the us of lenses theoretically.

I have grasped most in the above-mentioned areas but I still have a long way to go. In this period I have also improved in my reading and a lot in writing.

Personally, I’m weak in public speaking. I need a mentor to guide me to overcome my weakness. I believe that through this school and with a lot of reading and writing, I will perfect my difficulties. Reading was the greatest challenge that I faced since my first days at the academy but it will be over soon.

In class, we’re eight students. We are team players. We have unity and love amongst us. This helps us do better in class. My best friend is Jane who’s always humble, intelligent and friendly.

Our trainer is an intelligent and a tough guy, but he’s very strict and harsh when you don’t follow his rules and regulations. His best character is that, he likes picking up useless things and weakness from the students and he will begin moulding and turning them into useful and valuable avenues for the students. Kudos to him.

Currently, I’m studying very hard to accomplish my long term dreams in my life. I hope that through my positive spirit, dedication and commitment, I will lead to darker barriers, which I will harvest and enjoy after my three years of education. After completion of my studies, I would like to be the most marketable and demandable, with high professionalism in journalism thus suits modern working conditions and produce excellent results.

Lastly, I do believe that God will bless me to achieve my longing dreams to come true.

Owino Daniel